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The Return of Cpt...
The Return of Cpt Sucker: 1:1 : A dangerous journey begins
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Sep 12, 2008

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  • note By esger

    1:1 means: chapter on, part one
    title of the chapter is: a dangerous journey begins
    #338 can be the 'cover' of the book ;-)

  • note By esger

    So here our story begins, our Hero (ok, I know. yeah really, I KNOW, but let's keep it at that) Capt. Sucker has just arrived on this alien planet. Fortunately for him, landing platforms were conveniently spaced in regular intervals around the globe. The atmosphere comes within tolerable limits of his own home planet Su'caria. The sky has a nice shade of crimson nicely complementing his own eye color.

  • note By somatik

    continued at #341

  • note By esger

    Read up on this story starting from the very beginning: #338
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